Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Step Forward

Recently I upgraded my  "lab" setup.
Now it currently looks as follows:

* 2x  Physical Hosts running vSphere 5.1
* Controlled by vCenter 5.1 Server Appliance backed with embedded Postgres Database instance
* Monitored by vCenter Operations which has two embedded Postgres Database instance in the vApp
*To monitor my VMs, I installed  vFabric Hyperic 5.0 also running embedded Postgres Database VM.
* DBaaS provider vFabric Data Director 2.5 also installed with its embedded Postgres database instance running too

Now for my VMs:
* vFabric Postgres VM   integrated with vSphere HA
* My Linux Developer VM running PostgreSQL 9.2.1 

If you get everything you need with Postgres, why even QA for other databases anymore?
Well vFabric Hyperic took the first bold step forward

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