Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Next Stop: Postgres Open 2011 - Chicago

Soon I will be in Chicago for Postgres Open 2011. Here I will be presenting once again 
"Running PostgreSQL on Virtualized Environments"  on Thurday - 11:30am in the Cotillion Ballroom (according to the current schedule).

The title should really be "Running Community PostgreSQL on Virtualized Environments" since this presentation really applies to the experiences of running community PostgreSQL in Virtual Machines.  Most of the things in the presentation should really be a checklist which helps you get the most of PostgreSQL in VMs. Of course depending on the VM and the underlying infrastructure, your mileage may vary.

Overall I am also looking forward to attend other sessions (besides mine of course) . Greg Smith has couple of sessions which sounds interesting. There is key note by  Charles Fan on Friday  (that should be no brainer for me). Probably the most interesting to me is "Unlocking the Postgres Lock Manager" by Bruce Momjian which definitely is in line of my interest (since I try to control/avoid/reduce lock contentions and LWLocks in benchmarks which actually lead to my past presentation in pgcon on "Understanding Postgres LWLocks").

Definitely looking forward for the trip.

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Josh Kupershmidt said...

Hi Jignesh,
I'd be interested in seeing the slides of your talk if you're able to post them afterwards.

This subject is near to my heart right now. I've been messing around with trying to get a busy PostgreSQL database running acceptably on a puny VPS, and I'm particularly interested in a few areas particular to running on small VMs, such as postgresql.conf tuning, Linux tuning, and perhaps security and backup strategies.