Sunday, September 18, 2011

Next Stop: #PgWest 2011 - San Jose

Returned back from a great #pgopen in Chicago. It was nice to also see and meet again senior VMware executives, PostgreSQL community members and lot of folks (aka customers or potential customers ) who use PostgreSQL as key databases in their IT setup  in the conference.

Next stop now is #PgWest 2011 in San Jose starting on Septeber 27,2011. This year again #PgWest is in San Jose, California.

At this conference, I am presenting my first ever "Using vPostgres - A DB User perspective". The gist of this presentation is on how to use the vFabric Postgres client with the vFabric Postgres server deployed by vFabric Data Director. There are some small differences on how the client works compared to community PostgreSQL  and we will go over those in the session on exactly how it works, and see on how you use it for running and developing your own applications with it.

Also Alex Mirgorodskiy, VMware will be first time presenting in a PostgreSQL conference (that I am aware of at this point of time) on "vFabric Postgres Database Internals".  In this session Alex will go over the subtle tansparent changes which makes vFabric Postgres so easy to deploy, manage and perform in the vFabric Data Director world. Not to steal his thunder but this will cover the new Elastic Database Memory in detail.

Bill Hodak, VMware will present  about  vFabric Data Director itself on how it leverages the features of PostgreSQL and provide a management framework over it to provide enterprise framework and provide self-service features making it easy for even folks who donot know a lot about PostgreSQL database itself to deploy, tune, monitor, backup, restore, clone the database instances.

And to give an overview of VMware's commitment to PostgreSQL Community, Charles Fan, Sr.VP - VMware R&D will be presenting the keynote at #PgWest 2011.

Overall pretty excited about the conference and  to meet lot of new people in the bay area.
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