Saturday, August 27, 2011

VMworld 2011 - Las Vegas

Arrived in Las Vegas early in the middle of the night for VMworld 2011 before Hurricane Irene hits the north east coast. In last few years,  this will be my first out of state conference which is not completely dedicated to PostgreSQL that I am attending. I am part of the Hands On Labs at VMworld which I heard are pretty popular in VMworld.  For database lovers I would recommend the
#HOL12 Optimizing Data Access for Your Cloud Infrastructure
It will be pretty interesting.  Also there are many other Performance tuning sessions which will be also very interesting.

Also there are many sessions available which may be difficult to short list. One of the things that is different from my other conferences that I attend is that one has to pre-register for the HOL or any sessions that one wants to attend otherwise they are denied entry to that session.  That is way difference and I still havent got around to figure out how the whole schedule builder works myself. So I would advice some extra time to make sure you can select your favorite sessions before they fill up.

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