Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PgEast 2011 - New York

Its less than week for PgEast 2011  and this time I have two sessions out there.

My first session is on Wednesday at 3:00pm titled "Introduction to PostgreSQL for System Administrators" . This session is not about learning SQL or any real database feature but it is meant for system administrators to get their first exposure to PostgreSQL as an application running on their systems. We look at basic installation and some internals on understanding the various processes running on the system and understanding them.

My session session is on Friday at 10:05am titled "Running Postgres on Virtualized Environments". This session is about running Postgres in VM using VMware's vSphere. Many of the content while specific to vSphere can be used to understand in general when running Postgres on any virtual platform. 

With the increase in adoption of "Cloud Computing"  in various industries, I expect the usage of Postgres on VMs to increase dramatically in next few years. PgEast 2011 has a roundtable discussion with a panel of experts on Thursday at 2:30pm to precisely answer questions about deploying PostgreSQL in the cloud.

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