Wednesday, July 22, 2009

iGen with PostgreSQL 8.4 on Sun Fire X4140

Recently I got access to the refreshed Sun Fire X4140 consisting of 2 x 6-core Opterons with 36GB RAM. Since the release of the final PostgreSQL 8.4 bits I had not tried it out so I downloaded the Solaris 10 binaries of PostgreSQL 8.4 (64-bits) from the download site of and took it for the test drive with the same iGen benchmarks that I had used earlier for my PGCon2009 presentation.

The system already had Solaris 10 5/09 installed with couple of  SSDs  and a RAID LUN for the database. I put the WAL log on an internal drive with ZFS intent log on SSDs and the tablespaces on the RAID LUN (on an external storage array).

Notice the crossing of the 400K tpm boundary with PostgreSQL here using this benchmark toolkit. None of my tests have ever done that before. I consider this to be a milestone achievement with PostgreSQL, Solaris 10, Sun Fire Systems with Opterons.

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