Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes You Can - Save $$$ on cost of Proprietary Databases

The New Sun Microsystems  announced a new Glassfish/MySQL/OpenSolaris SPECjAppServer2004 result today. The  real highlight is that all software used in this benchmark is all Open Source Software. It is  a win for Open Source Software including Open Source Databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL. We need more of such benchmarks to highlight the exorbitant prices charged by Proprietary Database & other Software Vendors who charge and force customers to give them all their major dollars of their IT budget.

Tom Daly's blog entry highlight that in terms of Price/Performance, the proprietary database vendors who  conveniently also happen to be the Application Server Vendors charge  a much higher cost including all hardware/software (10X) associated with same performance which can be obtained  by Open Source database alternatives like PostgreSQL and MySQL. Check BM Seer's blog entry for more comparison.

SPEC required
disclosure : -
SPEC, SPECjAppServer reg tm of Standard Performance Evaluation
Results from as of 5th Nov 2008
All comparisons are based on the SPEC SPECjAppServer2004JOPS@Standard
metric from or on pricing made using the bill of materials
included in each SPECjAppServer2004 result

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