Thursday, October 30, 2008

PostgreSQL 8.3 in repository (Mostly)

PostgreSQL 8.3.4 is now in the repository (most of it). Since there is still no single manifest tag for all the files yet, so I thought I will highlight the names of the packages (specially the main ones with name changes) for a easy reference. Also as Hugo found that one of the packages is missing in the repository (SUNWpostgr-83-server-data-root) which needs tracking down.

The main pkgs  to be installed (via "pkg install pkgnames") are as follows

  • SUNWpostgr-83-server

  • SUNWpostgr-83-libs  (pulled by SUNWpostgr-83-server as dependent)

  • SUNWpostgr-83-client

  • SUNWpostgr-jdbc

  • SUNWpostgr-83-docs

  • SUNWpostgr-83-contrib

  • SUNWpostgr-83-devel

  • SUNWpostgr-83-pl

  • SUNWpostgr-83-tcl

  • SUNWpgbouncer-pg83

 Note pgbouncer is now part of the repository also.

Note the JDBC package now includes the latest support and there is no seperate version to download.

Update : SUNWpostgr-83-server-data-root is no longer required and is part of SUNWpostgr-83-server

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