Sunday, July 20, 2008

Is PostgreSQL dead at Sun?

Ever since Sun Microsystems acquired MySQL, the most common question  that I had to answer  was "Is PostgreSQL dead at Sun?".  This question was not only raised from just PostgreSQL contributors but also other Sun Employees and  potential customers who may not even know that Sun actually sells PostgreSQL support services

This question will be further fueled with Josh Berkus's departure. (Josh, we will miss you.)  I admit from the period between the announcement of MySQL acquisition till recently, I too had my own doubts. But as Sun enters it new Fiscal Year FY09, and the clear directions from Management has given the right positive goals to the Sun PostgreSQL Team which will lead to Positive Growth, Self Sustaining model and help contribute to the bottom line of Sun. The very first positive outcome of the new year is the hiring of Peter Eisentraut. As Josh mentions in his blog, Peter has lot of actual customer experience specially in migrations from other databases to PostgreSQL. He will bring lot of customer experience to the table to help us focus more on customer needs.

Of course this does not mean that we don't have other challenges in contributing to the bottom line of Sun.  One of the biggest challenges that the Sun PostgreSQL team still has is perception.   Most potential customers are not even aware that Sun actually sells PostgreSQL support. I am just dazed by the comment.. "Didn't Sun buy MySQL? Do they really sell PostgreSQL Support services?" (Hey Peter, do you have a silver bullet for this problem?)

It is important for us to overcome this perception problem this year so that we spend less time marketing that "we exist" and more time on "how do we help with your PostgreSQL problems?".

 If you ask me there are many other challenges but I think they deserve their own blog entries. In the mean time .. PostgreSQL is alive and kicking well at Sun and we look forward to a very interesting year with a refined focus.

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