Thursday, July 24, 2008

Customer feedback about PostgreSQL

During the course of last year, I did have opportunities to talk to various Sun Customers about PostgreSQL. One of the thing I want to list out the common problems that I heard from them which may not be really trends but at least the one that I was "hit"  from customers while doing my job. This time I will list the ones (in no particular order) more general than performance which was my focus then.

  • How do I migrate from my existing other database?

  • Does PostgreSQL have features equivalent with the database to be replaced?

  • How do I scale PostgreSQL on big systems?

  • What's the High availability solution for PostgreSQL?

  • Is there an easy horizontal scaling solution for PostgreSQL?

  • How can XML data updates be improved in PostgreSQL?

  • How can PostgreSQL be more efficient with images and videos?

  • So many replication strategies for PostgreSQL which one is recommended?

I think the spectrum is both traditional application users looking to replace expensive databases and also the so called Web 2.0  companies wanting to store everything: user profile data, their images, their videos, etc within PostgreSQL and wanting to make it more efficient and easier.

Of course what you hear from customer depends on circumstances of when, how and what time you meet them so what you hear could be different than what I heard.

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