Friday, May 16, 2008

PGCon 2008 next week in Ottawa, Canada

It is that time of the year when many PostgreSQL fans gather in Ottawa, Canada for PGCon 2008 next week. This will be my first visit to PGCon in Ottawa. Earlier this year I had presented two sessions "PostgreSQL and Benchmarks" and "Best Practices of PostgreSQL on Solaris" at PostgreSQL Conference 2008 East in Maryland. Thanks to that visit, this time I might recognize many people by face this time around.

Sun is a Gold Sponsor at PGCon 2008. There will be quite a bit of presence from Sun in PGCon. Josh, Max, Robert, Magne, Zdenek, Jim, Mayuresh et all will be present out there.

Josh Berkus is doing a tutorial on  "GUCs: A Three Hour Tour" on Tuesday morning 9:00 am.

Susanne Ebrecht (from MySQL team @ Sun) will also be presenting "What PostgreSQL could learn from MySQL" on Thursday 1:30pm.

 I  will be presenting "Problems with PostgreSQL on multi-core Systems with multi-terabyte Data" at Thursday 3:00pm.  I am actually presenting on behalf of the PostgreSQL Performance Team @ Sun and based on various performance work done by the group.

Robert Lor is also doing a  5-min Lightning Talk on New DTrace Probes proposed for PostgreSQL 8.4. Not to steal his thunder but  the demo will be quite interesting. It is part of Lightning Talks on Thursday 5:30pm

Zdenek Kotala will be presenting "PostgreSQL Upgrade Project" on Friday 3:00pm . In-place Upgrade in an eagerly awaited project.

Personally I will be meeting many of the Sun folks also for the first time in person. Generally we talk on conference calls, emails, etc.  Definitely looking forward to that.


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