Friday, October 12, 2007

World Record Price/Performance benchmark with DB2/Solaris 10 on Sun Fire X4500

We just published a world record price/performance result using the industry standard TPC-H data ware housing benchmark at a 3 TeraByte scale factor using DB2 9.1 with Solaris 10 8/07 with 10 Sun Fire X4500 (aka thumper).

The benchmark report is available at the website. You can download either the Executive summary report or the Full Disclosure report

Few highlights of the benchmark are as follows:

  • Best Price/Performance in 3TB scale factor

  • First database industry standard benchmark publication for Sun Fire X4500

  • First DB2/Solaris TPC-H benchmark after a gap of 6 years

  • First DB2 on Solaris x64 for Data Warehouse type of workload ever

  • First DB2 9 result on Solaris with x64 based system

  • Shows why Sun Fire X4500 is the best cost effective system in a role of Data Warehouse appliance

The benchmark consisted of overall 20 AMD opterons (dual-cores) and hence really cost effective in terms of database license fees incurred. The overall system provided about 15GB/sec of simultaneous IO which itself is amazing if not surprising for Sun Fire X4500. Though the overall disk capacity was very high  not all was used for the benchmark which means plenty of Data Marts can be stored on the same system too.

My related blog entry on the subject is also available to get some insight into it.

Required Disclosure:

  Sun Fire X4500 cluster 38,672.4 QphH@3000GB, $29.39 USD $/QphH@3000GB,   available 10/12/07. TPC-H, QphH, $/QphH tm of Transaction Processing Performance  Council (TPC). More info


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