Friday, September 07, 2007

PostgreSQL in Boston Sun Tech Day on Sept 11-12 2007

Sun is beginning the 2007-2008 Tech Days Worldwide Conferences starting with Boston on September 12, 2007. I was happy to find out that there is actually going to be PostgreSQL Booth at the Boston Tech Day. James Gates and I will be at the booth for actually two days September 11 for OpenSolaris day and September 12th for the actual Tech Day. The schedule is available at the website but the booth will be pretty much open throughout. It will be good to meet other PostgreSQL developers and users from Boston. (I heard that there are not many in Boston and hence no PostgreSQL functions are ever arranged in Boston. Well this is the time to prove it false.)

You can register  for the event and show up at the booth either on the OpenSolaris day or on the tech day or for both the days. We would love to hear your experiences about PostgreSQL.


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