Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Benchmark Winning DB2 V8 on Solaris 10 x64

Few months ago, a team working near Winchester, UK delivered a new product for Solaris 10 x64. The product was DB2 V8.2.4 for Solaris 10 x64. Considering it was the first ever binary release of DB2 for Solaris x64, we decided to give it a try and it worked great. Then we decided to try it in a Solaris 10 Zone and once again it delivered. (And we did not have to apply any special patches/fixpacks. We used the GA release binaries of DB2 on Solaris x64). And as they say the rest is history... The first ever Benchmark using DB2 on Solaris x64 as the backend (in a Solaris 10 Container on Sun Fire X4600) is finally published.

One Sun Fire X4600 (16 cores, 8 chips) 1000.86 SPECjAppServer2004 JOPS@Standard,
SPECjAppServer2004 JOPS@Standard. SPEC, SPECjAppServer reg tm of Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Results from as of 9/13/06.


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