Wednesday, August 03, 2005

OpenSource BIDW based on PostgreSQL - Finally becoming a reality

BizGres 0.7 has added Jasper Reports and an ETL Tool from Kinetic Networks. Read the press release from GreenPlum for more information. Bizgres is based on PostgreSQL and is optimized for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing .

And the whole stack is available for OpenSolaris .

The new feature additions and other performance improvements will improve long and complex queries on PostgreSQL and also loading data from other data sources:

  • Table Partitioning

  • Bitmap index

  • Load speed improvements

The performance is slowly catching up to the commercial offerings out there.

So if you are interested in a startup BIDW project to build a Data Warehouse then what better platform then Sun Fire V20z with DUAL Core Opterons and Sun StorEdge 3511FC Array with SATA drives.

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