Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sun Cluster Console - How it simplifies life even if you don't use Sun Cluster

Recently I am working with about 6 Sun Fire V440 connected to many 3510s and one of the pains is doing repetitive steps on all the 6 servers.

Enter Sun Cluster Console (part of Sun Java Enterprise System).

Basically what you need is SUNWcconsol package which after installation is available at /opt/SUNWcluster.

You have to try out /opt/SUNWcluster/bin/ctelnet.

After making sure I had the right display permissions/settings, I did

$ ctelnet v440-1 v440-2 v440-3 v440-4 v440-5 v440-6 &

It pops up 6 terminal screens and a small window containing a text box and few menu options . When I type in the small box it gets typed in all the 6 terminals. This way I can log into all the servers at the same time and do repetitive steps on all of them simultaneously saving me tremendous amount of time.

You can use the menu options to temporarily not type into any specific host and reset it back to normal later on. A tremendous time saver when you have to setup multiple boxes say for GRID or CLUSTER or HPC or DB2 DPF.

crlogin and cconsole are also available.

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