Monday, August 23, 2004

SunTouch - How many lives does a Sun Product Touch?

Recently I have been following our Sun's President Jonathan's Weblog .

I am trying to understand the value of why Solaris on Power would have any value? After few debates with myself I have convinced myself on the value.

I base it on "SunTouch" - Merely defined as how many lives have been touched by a Sun Product. Till recently Solaris was primarily on UltraSPARC which meant that the number of lives touched by Solaris is equal to the number of lives touched by the SPARC hardware multiplied by average remote user 'N'. Is that good? Sure.... Is that good enough? No.. Considering there are lot of other hardware out there not touched by Sun and growth number is 'N' for each additional platform. Sun's leading Opteron Servers is now filling the gap for Solaris on the x86 space. And Solaris on Power is just another way of improving SunTouch of Solaris.

So ideally what should a SunTouch number of a product be like?

Realistically I guess it is

Sun Hardware : ***** (Hardware Sold by Sun)
Solaris : ************ (Solaris on Sun + Solaris on other platforms)
J2EE (or JES) : ******************* (J2EE on Solaris + J2EE on other platforms)
J2SE (JDS+Windows): ***************************** (Java on desktop)
J2ME (mobile apps): ****************************************************** (cellphones,javacards,etc)

So in this pyramid of increasing SunTouch of Sun Hardware automatically increases the rest of the technologies. However the new "Solaris on other platforms" push improves the SunTouch of Solaris faster than Sun Hardware which is a good thing for Solaris and hence Sun.

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