Monday, August 30, 2004

FICTION: (Atleast for Now): Solaris - Bob's day in 2010

Just imagine what would Solaris be in the year 2010 for a company XYZ.

The system administrator of XYZ, Bob, walks into the room full of executives. The CEO asks "Bob, what's our going on?". Bob, who barely had his 8:00am coffee before he received an SMS to attend the "FireStation" Conference room, looked surprised. He walks to one of the empty chairs and plugs in his Javacard and watches his terminal. He is looking at a Dashboard that he wrote himself (in 2 days using DTrace scripts behind the GUI screens as he always reminds people). He responds back "Everything looks OK to me". The CFO asks again "What about the OS instance running the Payroll application?". Bob responds back "There is only one Solaris instance running in the company and it is running fine". Seeing that the CFO was puzzled by his reponse, Bob explained "Don't forget that once Sun finally figured out N1 Strategy in 2004 and other things evolved such that only one Solaris instance was necessary which runs on all our disparate hardware running SPARC, Power, Itanium, Intel, Opterons? Now we only have Zones for special applications. The Solaris instance is smart enough to divide the workload depending on which processors/servers can do the workload best". The CFO responded "I meant my *Zone* running the Payroll application. My people think it is running slow today". While the CFO was still talking about the problem, Bob is slowly tapping the touch screen with his pan. He looked like he was thinking about what to respond back. But actually he was drilling down to the zone and looking at the top CPU consumer. He looked at the process and looks at the process arguments. He then does his magic and announces "Problem Solved, it is back to Normal" and got up to leave. The CEO interrupts.. "But.. what was the problem?". Looking back he says " Joe in finance was running a report for all the money we paid to IGS prior to 2005. I changed his report's max resouce consumption so that it does not impact other users.".

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